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please follow my other blog!

hey guys! please follow my cosplay blog! http://mylittlecosplayblog.tumblr.com/

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entry 19

hey guys!

just a very quick entry about my next panel!

im going to be mixing it up a bit, and meshing a couple panels together into ONE BIG MEGA PANEL OF AWESOMENESS!!!! i know i was not able to be part of the momocon cosplay on a dime panel, but i assure you, i will be at awa, and possibly dragoncon if i can get the panel approved!

anywho, right now, im working out the kinks to my panel for GAMEcon! this is a “mini con” put on by GHS Gilmer Anime Manga Enthusiasts (GAME) as our end of the year celebration. if all goes to plan, i will try to get footage of the panel and a few other events uploaded to youtube for your viewing pleasure.

the panel i am hosting will include:



cosplay tips and tricks

gore sfx makeup on the cheap

and much more!

please contact me for more info if you would like to join the madness!


facebook: kat paulk

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alright last thing for today I promise
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entry 19

hey guys! i know i said i was going to do a count down to momocon, but in all reality, i’ve bee way to busy to do much of anything other than homework, cosplay, making transportation arrangements, and panic like a small girl.

anywho, MOMOCON IS IN 3 DAYS!!!!!!!

so… my homework and cosplays are still not done, because in a bit of a procrastinater…

a special shout out goes to my friends Ra and Alexa, who both are excellent cosplayers, and are selling me a wig and a pair of lolita shoes for amazing prices! i’m so thankful for my friends!

question of the day: what are you most excited about in attending your next con??

news!! i will not be in the cosplay on a dime panel, due to various circumstances. if you planned on coming for my sake, i apoligize. i still love you, and i hope that you love me back.

on a lighter note!!

i am premiering my latest oc, and revamped my red queen and mica cosplays. i am also premiering my pretty rave girl cosplay friday night at the rave, and will be having a photoshoot with the wonderful photographer, reyen, who i will be posting their info, so you may view some of her previous work. i am also having an alice in wonderland shoot on saturday afternoon. official time will be announced later on today. if youre interested in joining us, youre more than welcome. we will meet up at the giant elivater in the marriot, and go on to the photoshoot from there. this is a dark wonderland shoot, so costumes dont have to be “disney-esque”. they can be what you want them to be.

also! if you want to hang out during the can, please tell me ahead of time (otherwise ill get sidetracked). im very add, and probably will forget.

last thing!

the love of my life will be at momo with me!! im soooo excited to see him, and i know itll be a great time with him!

thats all i have for now. ill post all the photoshoot info later on today, or tomorrow.

love and grenades!! <3<3

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entry 18

the count down to momocon begins in 7 days!

question: what’s your next cosplay line up?

ok guys!! seeing that momocon is only 17 days away, i thought i would post my cosplay line up!

friday: Mika “A Lovely Assassin”

saturday: morning- Vibka “The Search for Survival”

              mid day- Red Queen Alice in Wonderland

              night/rave- rave cheshire cat

sunday: otaku kat

thats my full line up!

dont forget about the Cosplay on a Dime panel!!

love and grenades,



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entry 17

hi guys!

i know that i have disappeared from the interwebz for a wile now, but im back! ive just been rather busy with getting ready for college, so i have not completely abandoned you.

question of the week: what is your favorite anime movie?

ok guys! thus far, the cosplay on a dime panel for momocon is still on! also, i have been asked to submit my “convention survival guide” to love cosplay magazine! isnt that exciting?!

i am also doing prop comissions, so if you plan on ordering, please contact me asap! i can do delivery to momocon or if you dont plan on attending momo, i can ship your order to you. if you do choose to ship, you will be charged a shipping fee!

you can place your order at kpaulk76@gmail.com

cash and money orders only! i do not accept paypal (i dont have an account).

please contact me for more information!

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entry 16

hey guys!

question: what is your fvorite genre and why?

hey guys! i want your opinion on something.

do you think i should start posting youtube videos with my sisters pertainging to anime/music/cosplay? videos would include reviews, tutorials and pic updates. i want to start with simple character makeup and prop tutorials, and go from there, as well as, take requests via comment.

i currently dont have any videos posted on my youtube channel, but once i get your opinions, i will start on those.

love and grenades <3

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entry 15

hey guys! just a quick uodate on the cosplay contest.

i have a few new prizes for the contest, and thus far, no one has entered… *depressed* so PLEASE ENTER IF YOU WANT PRIZES AND BRAGGING RIGHTS!!!!

love and grenades<3

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